‘Don’t open magic boxes while surrounded by candles’

Step 1: Watch an older film.
Step 2: Think about the film.
Step 3: Understand that most people have already seen it and don’t care what your thoughts are on it.
Step 4: Write a review anyway.
Step 5: Start the review with “Spoiler Alert.”
Step 6: Get it published.

So I followed the above steps and wrote a review of the 1987 horror film Hellraiser, and the kind folks at Infocus Filmcast liked it enough to publish it.

“(He’s the guy at the beginning who got ripped to shreds because he opened a box while surrounded by candles. The lesson: don’t open magic boxes while surrounded by candles.)”

Read the entire review here. And ‘like’ them on Facebook.

So what’s going on this week and weekend?

Tonight in Montgomery (it’s Wednesday in case you couldn’t tell by the abundance of camel photos depicting “hump day” in your Facebook news feed) AlleyBAR has some original music from Super Water Sympathy and Medicine Chest. That starts at 9 p.m.

For Birmingham, this weekend is the 15th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival. Film. Parties. More film. Information panels. Film. Fun. Etc.

Friday night, The Hard Gospel is playing at The Blue Iguana in Prattville. Learn more about them here. They’re joined by .50 Cal Syndicate, HellBent, Paradigm and A Day Worth Dying For. 9 p.m. $6. 21+.

The same night, Creep List is at Head on the Door.

And speaking of Creep List, some of the band appears in the film Gut Munchers, which will have its first public showing on Saturday night. Sponsored by RAD! Vinyl and We Killed the 90’s, the event will be held at GT South in Montgomery. Details here.

Hear some music I did for the film below or on Bandcamp.


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