Look at all the initials!

But for real, check out the trailer for a film called R.V.M.

They’ve got a fundraiser set up through IndieGoGo, so if you can, help them out monetarily. If not, maybe help spread the word for them, yes? You might recognize the main character from his guitar work in Hail the Titans. Yes, that’s Adam Davila as “Randall V. Maitlyn,” serial killer extraordinaire.

Last night, Shane Gillis, Rudy Banes and I worked on some small pickup shots for Death to the World. Gillis has also been in editing mode for a few weeks now. He mentioned that the month of October will be dedicated to sound and scoring. This has been an incredibly fun project to work on. More details on the release will be coming soon.

In Gut Munchers news, writer/director Jason Snellgrove announced that the film will show at this year’s Birmingham Zombie Prom. The event is Saturday, Oct. 12 at Das Haus. Details here.

And another edition of my “Spoiler Alert” series has been posted on the Infocus Filmcast website. This time, on the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Read it here.

‘The boy in the bow tie is ignorant of what straws are for.’

Here is a picture of a cat because this is the Internet after all.

Since my “Spoiler Alert” piece ran on the film Hellraiser, the fellas at Infocus Filmcast have run a few more similar articles, including Rosemary’s Baby, Children of the Corn (which is where this blog post title comes from), and Carrie. Just click the film names to read them.

I just realized that I never made an official post about the 15th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival. I don’t know that I could do it justice in the form of a blog post. Seriously, it was great. So many great films, great venues, great parties, great people, great food, and an actual film print of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shown at the beautiful Alabama Theatre.

Speaking of film festivals, the Montgomery Film Festival is returning on January 24th, 2014. They are currently accepting short film submissions via Withoutabox. Find them here or on Facebook.

Oh, and the fellas at Blood Drunk Records have released a sampler of some great Atlanta musicians today. Name your price here.


And if you haven’t heard the new song “Leper” by Jungol, you should check it out. Get it here.


NoiseTrade_250My third solo album, titled Ghost of a Town, will be released on Thursday, Oct. 10.

As of today, however, you can download the title track as part of an EP only available through NoiseTrade. Along with the title track, the Ghost.Ocean.Sirens EP features the song “Ocean” from 2010’s The Final Scene and “Sirens and Street Lights” from 2008’s Note from the Georgian Hotel. The EP also includes live versions of each of those songs.

The EP is free. FREE! Free? Yes! Free! NoiseTrade has an option to “tip” the artist, but it’s not a requirement, so download the EP, and if you like it, please share the NoiseTrade link with your friends and on your social media sites. (And if you do decide to use the “tip” option, thank you in advance!)

Click here to download the Ghost.Ocean.Sirens EP from NoiseTrade.

(Thanks to Lindsay Garrett for the EP cover photo.)

Ghost of a Town


The full 8-song Ghost of a Town album will be available on CD through RAD! Vinyl or digitally through my Bandcamp page, iTunes, Amazon and most online retailers on Oct. 10.

As soon as a few final details are confirmed, I’ll announce some live show dates, including a release show on Oct. 10 and a few shows from Oct. 11 through the 17th.

In the meantime, below is the track listing for the album:

1. Far Away Sands
2. Painted Disasters
3. The Sharpest Teeth
4. Ghost of a Town
5. The Waters Won
6. As Caution Hit the Wind
7. Beauty in Farewell
8. There’s a Fear

Music I think you should hear, vol. 12

In this installment of “Music I think you should hear,” I’m happy to highlight a band from New Jersey that we (Hail the Titans) had the honor of playing with last year when we were up that way.

The band is Chemtrail, and their newest album, Your Frequencies Have Been Missed, just came out today. It’s beautiful, instrumental post-rock.

It’s on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and other online retailers.


The new album is fantastic, but I also recommend checking out their previous releases, which are also stellar: