Look at all the initials!

But for real, check out the trailer for a film called R.V.M.

They’ve got a fundraiser set up through IndieGoGo, so if you can, help them out monetarily. If not, maybe help spread the word for them, yes? You might recognize the main character from his guitar work in Hail the Titans. Yes, that’s Adam Davila as “Randall V. Maitlyn,” serial killer extraordinaire.

Last night, Shane Gillis, Rudy Banes and I worked on some small pickup shots for Death to the World. Gillis has also been in editing mode for a few weeks now. He mentioned that the month of October will be dedicated to sound and scoring. This has been an incredibly fun project to work on. More details on the release will be coming soon.

In Gut Munchers news, writer/director Jason Snellgrove announced that the film will show at this year’s Birmingham Zombie Prom. The event is Saturday, Oct. 12 at Das Haus. Details here.

And another edition of my “Spoiler Alert” series has been posted on the Infocus Filmcast website. This time, on the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Read it here.


2 thoughts on “R.V.M.D.t.t.W.G.M.Etc.

  1. Fun hearing these behind-the-scenes snippets from the inside. It makes the filmmaking process all the more real! Great hearing also about your work with arranging financing (requesting contributions) for indies. I can’t say how wonderful an act that is!

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