Randomness, vol. 22

If you avoided death by over-consumption on Thanksgiving or being trampled on Black Friday, congrats. As your reward, here is some new Mogwai for your ears:

Also, check out this blog post by Jeff McLeod titled “My year in musicks…” If you’re a fellow musician who wants to compete with how many quality releases Mr. McLeod can release, good luck. (And you should know, he always wins.)

Awhile back, my friend Nick Patterson (director of the upcoming film R.V.M.) wrote a music video script for a Hail the Titans song. It never went into production, but you can read the script for his vision and hear the song on his blog post “Grief.”

This pic is of donuts from Shipley’s Do-Nuts in Birmingham. See the one with the crushed M&Ms on it? See it? See it! Holy Batman Diabetes, it was good! The rest were good, too. You should know.

And below, you’ll find a picture of a sleeping cat because this is the Internet.

A cat. On the Internet. Asleep.

One thought on “Randomness, vol. 22

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