Randomness, vol. 23

I know, I know, I know… the last post was a “Randomness” post, but it was waaaaaaaay back on Dec. 2, so it’s OK.

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, obviously. I haven’t really had much to talk about, I suppose, since I’m not a consumer of reality TV and don’t care about a bearded duck hunter’s view on human sexuality any more than I care about what anyone with the name “Kardashian” or “Kanye West” is doing. I’m one of those people who actually miss the good ol’ days where you needed actors and writers and talent for TV shows. Hashtag weirdo.

So, why not throw in some randomness, right?

I’ll start with some wonderful news for 2014: the New Belgium Brewing company – yes, the makers of ‘Fat Tire’ – are expanding their footprint into Alabama!!1!1!!1!111!1111!11!!

This happened today:

This year the “Carolina Reaper” pepper, grown in South Carolina, officially became the world’s hottest pepper. This was, of course, after I subjected myself to a ghost pepper. So what am I to do? Contact the company directly to see if I can get one. Here is my message to them:

And finally, the new album by Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork – has one of the most creative download cards in the vinyl version that I have ever seen. It’s a ‘lottery ticket’ that you scratch off to reveal the download code. (It also happens to be a fantastic album.)

And finally, since there is a chance this may be my last blog post for 2013, I wish you a Happy New Year. Thanks for reading.


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