Montgomery Film Festival announces selected entries

Saturday evening, the Montgomery Film Festival announced the list of this year’s selected short films that will be shown at the Capri Theatre on Jan. 24.

The list includes two films shot in Alabama, along with films from Arizona, California, Louisiana, New York, Seattle, Tennessee, and international films from Australia, France, Slovenia, and Spain.

See the full list and short synopses on their website.

Bubble The two films that were shot on location in Birmingham are Bubble by Jen West and James Martin of Four X Productions and Behind Me (Facebook page) by Rebecca Pugh.

I got to see Bubble last year at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham. The effects are stunning, and I’m sure they’ll look fantastic on the Capri’s brand new digital projection system.

BehindMeI posted about Behind Me back in June (click here.) I was lucky enough to be able to see this one as it was in production. (This is the film that got my first official IMDB credit as being part of the crew.) I’ve seen the trailer for it, but this will be my first time actually seeing the full, completed work, so I’m really looking forward to that.

So make plans to attend the Montgomery Film Festival – Friday, Jan. 24 at the Capri Theatre. Starts at 7:30 pm. Click here for the Facebook event, and invite your friends. Support independent film and your local theater.

(Also, you might not want to wander too far away from the screen during the festival’s intermission; some folks have been working on some very entertaining and hilarious fake commercials that will be showing. You might even see some faces you recognize in there.)


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