Some things, man… and some stuff

Did that title draw you in? Huh? Did it? Yeah?


So here are some things you may be interested in:

1. Steve Hall Productions is bringing New Politics, Magic Man and Sleeper Agent to Montgomery. They’re all performing tomorrow night at Rock Bottom American Pub. Click here for details.

***EDIT*** I just saw a Montgomery Advertiser article about the New Politics show. Read it here.

2. Comedy Central’s show “Drunk History” will be filming in Montgomery on Saturday night. The crew will be downtown at AviatorBAR at 7 p.m. Details here.

3. The new Mogwai album “Rave Tapes” comes out next week. It’s streaming on the Brooklyn Vegan website. Click here. Yes, I’m kind of a Mogwai fan-boy, and yes, I really like the album.

4. The new album by Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra (you know, that band from Canada that has some members from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and has also gone under the names “A Silver Mt. Zion,” “Thee Silver Mt. Zion” and “Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band”) is streaming on Pitchfork. The album is called “Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything.” Click here to stream.

5. Megan Jean and the KFB has a new video out – a live video for the song “These Bones.” Check it out below:


6. I recently got up with Adam Davila to record some drums to a Fall of Adam song titled “1989.” The EP is getting closer and closer to being complete. More details as they come along.

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