‘Death to the World’ Montgomery screening – this Saturday!

This Saturday night, the folks behind Foolish Henry Films are screening Death to the World at the historic Capri Theatre in Montgomery, Ala. It starts at 9:15 p.m., and standard Capri ticket prices apply. Click here for the Facebook event. And if you haven’t seen the trailer it’s on YouTube and Vimeo.

Painting by Tracy Tapley based on photos by Missy Gillis. Logo/font and layout by Brandon Marvin.

This project has been over a year in the making.

Director/co-writer Shane Gillis and producer/co-writer Rick Gardner had the script ready by the end of 2012, and a chance encounter with Shane during an after-work trip to the grocery store began my involvement with the film.

A teaser was filmed one weekend in January 2013 to begin fundraising for the full production. Even with the fundraising and generosity from a number of great people, the film was still being produced in the “no budget” category. (Apparently, “micro budget” films start out around $7,000 to $10,000; the budget for this film wasn’t even close to that.)

What Shane and Rick called “Hell Week” was in April 2013. Filming began on a Wednesday night and went almost non-stop through the upcoming Sunday. Who needs sleep, anyway? We’re making a movie!

After the initial “Hell Week” came a “Hell Weekend” with some pickup shots and a very frantic scene in the film. (When you see it, you’ll know – just remember the house alarm.) And after that were a few more pickup shots and a couple of re-shoots.

During this time, Shane began editing, handling post-production duties and then scoring. (Seriously, when viewing, take in the score; he did a fantastic job.)

The initial cut of the film was about 2.5 hours, much longer than the approximately 90 minutes that was assumed from the 90-something page script. Unfortunately, some scenes had to be cut – some really good stuff with great performances – but those cuts and more editing got the film down to its current time of 124 minutes.

So after more than a year of work, work, work (mostly on Shane, admittedly), the nervousness of the cast and crew is gearing up as the product of that work – the final version of this piece of art – is ready to be seen.

We hope you’ll join us this Saturday night for a one-time showing in full HD 1080p, 16:9 format, in the way it was intended. Thanks for the continued support, and we hope you enjoy it.

*EDIT* Disclaimer: while the film is not rated, it would most likely get an ‘R’ if it were, in case you were thinking, “Oh, let’s bring the kids to a local movie night!” There is blood, violence, strong language and nudity – all the things you expect from a horror film.

‘Death to the World’ trailer + more film news!

The official Death to the World trailer is now online at the Foolish Henry Films YouTube channel! Some language/images may be NSFW (one F-bomb and some blood… no nudity.) Enjoy!

In other film news, Lindsay Garrett (who is currently handling makeup duties for Four X Productions on a music video for St. Paul and the Broken Bones) and I joined a “gang” for the film Red Season this past Saturday. It’s a zombie film currently in production in the Birmingham area. A great team involving director Chance Shirley, Jim Roberson, Michael Shelton and Mike Cunliffe (and others whom I don’t know… sorry, y’all.)

Also, there is some pre-production going on for two other films I’ll be involved with – a drama and one that sounds like it may be sci-fi (or maybe horror?). The drama is a story by Adam Riggs (director of the “Ghost of a Town” music video) and the other is being filmed in the Birmingham area… or at least mostly in the Birmingham area. More details coming soon.

Music I think you should hear, vol. 16

Back in December, in one of my “Randomness” posts, I mentioned this about Jeff McLeod:

“If you’re a fellow musician who wants to compete with how many quality releases Mr. McLeod can release, good luck. (And you should know, he always wins.)”

(And yes, I just quoted myself.) But, in proving me correct, Jeff has yet another great experimental release available, the first of his Joyless Noise series.


Another great musician from Alabama, Kenny Johnson, has released a new song that is absolutely wonderful as well. (I’ve really been digging the instrumental solo stuff he’s been releasing recently. It seems very jazz-inspired.)


And then heading over to the ATL…

Swank Sinatra has released a couple of songs from their upcoming Sober Cobra album. This band is always fun, and definitely see them live if you can.


And DAMS has also recently released their new self-titled EP. Click here.


Both the Swank Sinatra and DAMS releases are releases from Blood Drunk Records.

Glorious 70mm ‘EXT – SNOWY DAY’

Last month, I introduced my new music/film score project Glorious 70mm, and today, the debut EP titled EXT – SNOWY DAY is officially released. Click here.

The pricing is “name your price” for personal use. If you’re a filmmaker and would like to use any of this, please contact me for licensing. I would love to work with you.


For anyone who may be interested in the equipment used to record this EP, here is a quick rundown: it’s all layers of guitar. I used a Fender Telecaster through an Ampeg J12T, along with some effects – delays, chorus, reverb, boost, looper, volume pedal, Ebow.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening.