Music I think you should hear, vol. 16

Back in December, in one of my “Randomness” posts, I mentioned this about Jeff McLeod:

“If you’re a fellow musician who wants to compete with how many quality releases Mr. McLeod can release, good luck. (And you should know, he always wins.)”

(And yes, I just quoted myself.) But, in proving me correct, Jeff has yet another great experimental release available, the first of his Joyless Noise series.


Another great musician from Alabama, Kenny Johnson, has released a new song that is absolutely wonderful as well. (I’ve really been digging the instrumental solo stuff he’s been releasing recently. It seems very jazz-inspired.)


And then heading over to the ATL…

Swank Sinatra has released a couple of songs from their upcoming Sober Cobra album. This band is always fun, and definitely see them live if you can.


And DAMS has also recently released their new self-titled EP. Click here.


Both the Swank Sinatra and DAMS releases are releases from Blood Drunk Records.


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