‘Death to the World’ trailer + more film news!

The official Death to the World trailer is now online at the Foolish Henry Films YouTube channel! Some language/images may be NSFW (one F-bomb and some blood… no nudity.) Enjoy!

In other film news, Lindsay Garrett (who is currently handling makeup duties for Four X Productions on a music video for St. Paul and the Broken Bones) and I joined a “gang” for the film Red Season this past Saturday. It’s a zombie film currently in production in the Birmingham area. A great team involving director Chance Shirley, Jim Roberson, Michael Shelton and Mike Cunliffe (and others whom I don’t know… sorry, y’all.)

Also, there is some pre-production going on for two other films I’ll be involved with – a drama and one that sounds like it may be sci-fi (or maybe horror?). The drama is a story by Adam Riggs (director of the “Ghost of a Town” music video) and the other is being filmed in the Birmingham area… or at least mostly in the Birmingham area. More details coming soon.


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