Details on the upcoming Glorious 70mm EP

In March of this year, I released the first EP from a new project I’ve been working on titled “Glorious 70mm.” (For a brief history of the project, check out this post from February and this one from March.)

Within the next month or so, I’ll be releasing a new 5-song EP, and in keeping with the theme of the first EP and the film aspect of the project, I’m using a script heading format for the new title, which is: INT – THE LYRIC THEATER – NIGHT.

On the previous EP, the main title and song titles all came from a specific film script (which also happened to inspire the “Glorious 70mm” name.) This EP also gets its name and song titles from a film, a combination of the script and the finished movie, and I’m sure some of you will figure it out without me having to tell you.

While the actual film takes place in California, the album cover shows part of the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham, Ala. The photo was taken by Lindsay Garrett of Birmingfamous and Show Pony Productions (who also, after hearing the first couple of songs, said this particular film was the first thing that came to mind, prompting the subsequent titles.)

Here is the song list:

1. You’re So Cool
2. You Look Ridiculous
3. All It Says Is ‘Dear Clarence’
4. Exiting the Ambassador Hotel
5. A Beach in Cancún

In the meantime, you can hear/download the first EP on Bandcamp.


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