A #TBT blog post? What?!

Yep. Throwback Thursday, y’all. No, but really, I was thinking about a music project I was in a few years ago with Trey (Hail the Titans‘ drummer) called “The Boss and The Rabbi.” It was a 2-piece, improvisational, instrumental project that included guitar, drums, keyboard and a Korg Kaossilator with both of us playing everything, switching instruments, etc.

This video is from a show we played in Auburn, Ala. on Aug. 14, 2010:


If you dig that kind of stuff, we have three recordings on Bandcamp.

The first recording was a 2-song demo that we titled Her Origins at Midnight.


The next was a completely live recording we did, splitting the performance into separate songs. The EP is titled Six Victims (The Theatre Curtain was the Color of Blood). There is a serial killer story told through the song titles and music.


The last release was just one song, which is a prequel to the Six Victims story line titled Her name was Miranda (He was suspected from the start). This was actually the sound check we did prior to recording Six Victims, but we liked it and decided to release it later on. Also, the cover photo was taken by Pint Bottle Photography (as was the band photo at the top of this post.)


All of the music is set at “name your price,” so you can put in zero and download it for free if you like what you’re hearing.


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