Randomness, vol. 25

I think the 25th “randomness” post is like a silver anniversary or something, right? No? Whatever.

Anyway, last week I released the newest Glorious 70mm EP on Bandcamp. But both EPs are also available on NoiseTrade. Feel free to share those links with your friends as they can also have some free music.

In other news, Glories, a post-rock band from Birmingham, has a new song out, which is from their upcoming album (which comes out Tuesday, I believe.) They’re also playing this year’s Secret Stages festival that takes place Aug. 1 & 2.


And Four X Productions is working on a new film called “Little Cabbage” and you can help! (You know them from their previous short “Bubble” and for the St. Paul and the Broken Bones video “Call Me.”) Check out their Seed&Spark page to see how you can help with the film production!

One thought on “Randomness, vol. 25

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