10 things to stop doing in the new year (no. 8 was mind-blowing)

Hello dear readers, here is a brief introductory-style paragraph similar to those of which you might see on other sites, but I would argue better, simply because you’re on my site instead of one of those other sites.

With the introductory paragraph out of the way, I hereby submit my list of “10 things to stop doing in the new year”

1. Falling for click-bait

2. Falling for click-bait

3. Falling for click-bait

4. Falling for click-bait

5. Falling for click-bait

6. Falling for click-bait

7. Falling for click-bait

8. Falling for click-bait

9. Falling for click-bait

10. Falling for click-bait

Thank you for reading this. I sincerely hope you have a safe and happy new year. For real.

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Music and merch news – Cyber Monday

As you are probably aware, it is “Cyber Monday,” the natural flow of consumerism that comes after “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday,” and “You’re Going to Hell Sunday.”

Today through Dec. 3, CD Baby is offering shipping for just one cent. Yes, that one penny, or one straw penny, or numerically $0.01.

So if you’ve been wanting my solo albums (or Hail the Titans first album or the Marsellus album) shipped, but didn’t want to pay more than a penny for shipping, this is your moment! (At least through Dec. 3, 11:59 PST, per the CD Baby website.) Here are some links:

Josh Carples – The Final Scene
Josh Carples – Ghost of a Town
Hail the Titans – Hymns of Mare Nostrum
Marsellus – Our Name in Lights

Of course, these are also on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, and most are also on Bandcamp as well, if you prefer digital.

Tonight – Dec. 1 – I’ll be doing an in-store acoustic performance at Bailey Brothers Music in Montgomery. I’ll play from 5:30 to 6. I’ll also have merch available for sale there.

And this Friday, Fall of Adam is playing at the Syndicate Lounge in Birmingham with Amen Corner (from Birmingham) and Press (from Asheville, NC). Details here.