‘Were you just frying like bacon?’

Atlanta Film Festival. Little Cabbage. #littlecabbage

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Is that title random enough?

OK, I’ll explain: I was sitting in a bar in Atlanta with Adam Davila (Fall of Adam / The Heavy Children), and some guy laid face-down on the ground and started shaking, then got up as his friends laughed. (More random than the title, right?)

So Adam asks, “Were you just frying like bacon,” to which the guy responded, “Yes! You’d be good at charades!”

Anyway… Back in September 2014, I got to serve as assistant production manager (and extra… look for the trumpet player) for the Four X Productions team as they filmed a short film titled Little Cabbage. It screened this past weekend as part of the Atlanta Film Festival. It turned out great! It’s in the film festival circuit, so if you get a chance to see it, you definitely should. Writer/director Jen West and producer James Martin can be seen in the above photo introducing the film.

There are many things I could write about, but I’m trying to keep this short… although I did have some of the best barbecue ever at a place called “Community BBQ.” The mac and cheese… man.

Also, I want to post a quick follow-up to a previous post, one that was more serious and personal in nature, from earlier this month. (Read it here, if you’re interested.) I received so many positive comments and private messages from people who related or are currently dealing (or have in the past) with the same types of things. First of all, thanks for the messages and comments. Second, be encouraged: there are people who love and care about you. Never forget that.

That brings me to this: I just read this article on LifeHack titled “20 Things to Remember If You Love A Person With Depression.” It’s worth taking a few moments to read.

Find the beauty in the world.

Find the beauty in the world #findthebeautyintheworld

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