Find the beauty in the world

Lately, I’ve been posting photos and sharing them with the phrase “Find the beauty in the world” and the subsequent hashtag: #findthebeautyintheworld

My friend Matt posted a comment under one of the photos, saying, “I would support this becoming a continued series.”

I like that idea, and I’ve stuck with it so far. I wanted to take just a moment to talk about the reasoning behind it, though.

Every day, it seems, we are inundated with negativity – whether it be from tragic world events, personal or familial issues, or just negativity from social media overload. It seems like everyone is struggling with something in their lives, no matter how well they hide it. Sometimes things just look really dark. And it can be easy to let it get to you. I know – experience talking.

So rather than get bogged down, I want to be a source of positivity. I want to encourage others. I want to find the beauty in the world. Sometimes it’s not obvious. Sometimes it’s not staring you in the face. Sometimes you actually have to search to find it. But I encourage you to keep searching. And feel free to join in: #findthebeautyintheworld

Find the beauty in the world #findthebeautyintheworld

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