You are not alone

“What’s on your mind?” asked the box on Facebook. I started typing. Then I backspaced and waited a few minutes.

I returned to the box and started typing once more, but again, deleted it. The words weren’t coming out the way I wanted them to, the way I thought they should. It just didn’t flow.

A friend had just posted a blog post, publicly and bravely talking about her personal struggles with depression and anxiety. It reminded me of this other blog post I read recently, and even my own.

It reminded me of Project 1 in 4 (website | Twitter | Instagram), an art project based on the statistic that 26.2% of American adults currently suffer from a diagnosable condition.

So I wanted to post something encouraging to others, just in case it was needed. We all have different circles of friends, and with Facebook’s ever-changing logarithm, you never really know who sees what posts, and you really never know who might need that little boost of encouragement that day.

And the only thing I could really come up with at the time was this: You are not alone.

You are not alone.

Of course, with the various senses of humor in my friends group, it ended up being “forever alone” memes and Michael Jackson lyrics (not linking to that.) I love my friends and their senses of humor, so yes, I left all the comments intact. Maybe someone laughed, and that served as their encouragement. Who knows?

But when someone bravely opens up about something that personal – which is not easy – it’s an encouraging reminder of that message: You are not alone.


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