“if yes, you come in the true site…”

Death to the World, the slasher/horror film from Foolish Henry Films, is now available on Amazon Instant Video!

That is actually a real quote in the promo pic I put together on the left. I left all grammatical errors intact.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

The Switch

The Switch

Last month, I had the opportunity to be part of the writing and acting team for a short film for the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project.

It was directed by Trishunda Mooney and sponsored by Indie Film LOOP.

It’s a comedy that was written, filmed, edited, and scored all within 48 hours. And it’s now available to watch on YouTube.

Click here to watch The Switch.

This past Saturday, I got another chance to work with a couple of the people that I met during filming for The Switch. They were filming a short titled Cooler Than Lemonade, and I played an awkward jogger (I know, if I’m running in a film, it’s always awkward, but this one is even more awkward than usual.)

And speaking of film projects, I went ahead and made a Filmography page for projects I’ve been a part of.


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