New single coming soon: ‘No One (Reprise)’

Lately it seems I’ve been doing more photography and film-related work than music, but I am still working on music, writing and arranging songs for another solo album.

But in the meantime, I have recorded a new version of an older song that will soon be released as a single.

The song “No One” appears on my first solo album, 2008’s Note from the Georgian Hotel. It’s one of the more upbeat/faster songs on that album (“upbeat” as in speed, not lyrical content… it’s a sad song like the others), but the new version – “No One (Reprise)” – will be completely different. (Hear the original version on YouTube.)

I actually worked on the new version back in 2013 and first performed it live that November at the monthly guitar pull event at the Cloverdale Playhouse.

The new song is currently in the process of being delivered to digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and will be available very soon. (I’ll post again here and on social media when it’s out, so I’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you can get email updates on this blog by clicking that “follow” button.)

Also, a music video will be released for the song as well through Terrible Master Films (Facebook, Twitter.)

The cover art for the single features my friend Miranda Hood, who will also be in the upcoming music video. Many thanks to her for helping out with this project.

More info coming soon. Thank you all for your continued support. Much love.


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