Good news for ‘City Federal’


City Federal

The Foolish Henry Films short film City Federal will screen at this year’s George Lindsey UNA Film Festival in Florence, AL, the first weekend of March.

Many thanks to the cast and crew that made this film a reality. Principal photography took place in fall 2014, and it was completed by early 2015. We’re very excited to have it screen at the festival.

As mentioned in the previous “Help!” and “Thank you” posts, I use the funds generated from my Glorious 70mm film score project to help cover film festival submission fees to help get these films out there. All the music there is “name your price” (even if $0.00), so download, donate, or don’t, but either way, you’ve got some instrumental film score music to listen to.

Also, if you happen to be on Facebook, please take a moment to hit the “like” button on a couple of film pages:

Foolish Henry Films (who brought you City Federal and Death to the World)

Terrible Master Films (Four Thousand Wings, the “No One (Reprise)” music video)

And if you haven’t seen the trailer for City Federal yet, here it is on YouTube:

Thanks for your generous love and support!

January ’16 Guitar Pull photos + video

I posted some photos from the January installment of the Guitar Pull at the Cloverdale Playhouse on my Facebook page.

This month’s show was different. It took place just a couple of days after the news broke of the passing of Andrew Lewis, a very talented Montgomery-based musician. This month’s event had a very somber feel to it as many of the musicians and attendees were friends with Andrew.

The night ended with a tribute in which all of the musicians, joined by some friends and even the crowd, sang a rendition of “I’ll Fly Away.”

I was able to film most of the performance, which is now on YouTube.


Thank you!

To all of you who donated money and helped spread the word by sharing the “Help!” blog post,  thank you. That was really cool of you, and I do appreciate it.

The funds will help cover film festival submission fees in an attempt to get Four Thousand Wings seen by more people.

If you still want to help out, click here and get some music. You can name your own price for all of the Glorious 70mm releases. If you’re broke, put in “$0.00” and download the music anyway. If you have a couple of bucks, it’ll help.

Also, I see that Jeff McLeod has put out some new drone music. Along with being an extremely talented musician with many releases out under many project names, he also plays news anchor “Tyler Manning” in the Foolish Henry Films production Death to the World.

Click here to hear his new stuff and find out about his other projects.


So here’s the deal: the first weekend of June, 2015, four guys – Adam Davila, Nick Patterson, Eric Hoehn, and myself – went to Selma to film a short dramatic film called Four Thousand Wings.

After a few delays, that film is now finished, clocking in just shy of the 10-minute mark. We’re in the process of submitting to film festivals (and as any indie filmmaker will tell you, those fees add up.)

Our budget for this film was $0. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Everything that made this film came out of our pockets – the equipment, camera, lenses, lights, food, hotel room, etc. We did not do a crowd-funding campaign. We sat down in pre-production meetings and figured out what we could do with what we had, and we came up with a way to tell this story.

We spent that June weekend filming, getting very little sleep, going on a bag of espresso, water, and bourbon.

The synopsis of Four Thousand Wings is this:

A connection to the past is confronted when William is awakened in his hotel room by a mysterious visitor who knows more than he should.

Here’s where the “help!” comes in:

We would like to submit our film to more festivals (I say “more” because we’ve already submitted to a few), and as mentioned above, those fees add up. And even after paying the fees, it’s still a gamble as to whether it will even be accepted or not, and when I say “gamble,” well… uh… you play Powerball, right? (Sometimes the odds appear very similar.)

a2265336785_16But I’m not just asking for money. I’m not setting up a GoFundMe or anything like that.

I’m simply asking you to download the 2-song Glorious 70mm score for the film, and pay what you want. If you want it for free, enter “0.” If you’ve got a couple of bucks laying around, enter “2.00.” If you want to give more, we’ll gladly take it.

Click here to download from Bandcamp.

In fact, that goes for all the Glorious 70mm releases. Name your price. If you’re broke, download it anyway, and enjoy the music. If you want to help out with film festival fees, we’d very much appreciate your help.


Also, you can catch a 30-second trailer for the film (hey, it’s a short film; the trailer can’t be that long) from Terrible Master Films:

Happy 2016!

1516560_442319965971360_2109263165_nI ended 2015 with hate… times eight. I saw The Hateful Eight on New Year’s Eve in “glorious 70mm.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big Quentin Tarantino fan, and yes, I admit that I read the script when it leaked, and I loved it. Even though I went in knowing some of the spoilers from the script, I thought the film was great.

The way it was shot, the dialogue, the acting, the scenery, and especially the “Road Show” version that started with an overture, included an intermission and a printed program and film strip.

I was in fanboy mode.

I have actually had three musical projects whose names were inspired by Tarantino films: Marsellus (Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction), Easy Kiddo (inspired by Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill), and my film score project Glorious 70mm (inspired from the leaked script for The Hateful Eight.)

The first Glorious 70mm EP has three songs, each title taken from the leaked script (the chapter titles in the final film, other than track 3 “Last Stage to Red Rock,” are different.)

This EP, like the other music from this project, allows you to name your price, so if you’ve got a couple of bucks, it’ll really help me out as I begin film festival submissions for a new short film that was recently completed. (More on that soon.)

So I encourage you to check out The Hateful Eight (and get the movie theater experience) and hear some music from me that was inspired by the script.


Happy New Year! #light #2016 #findthebeautyintheworld

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