Thank you!

To all of you who donated money and helped spread the word by sharing the “Help!” blog post,  thank you. That was really cool of you, and I do appreciate it.

The funds will help cover film festival submission fees in an attempt to get Four Thousand Wings seen by more people.

If you still want to help out, click here and get some music. You can name your own price for all of the Glorious 70mm releases. If you’re broke, put in “$0.00” and download the music anyway. If you have a couple of bucks, it’ll help.

Also, I see that Jeff McLeod has put out some new drone music. Along with being an extremely talented musician with many releases out under many project names, he also plays news anchor “Tyler Manning” in the Foolish Henry Films production Death to the World.

Click here to hear his new stuff and find out about his other projects.


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