2013. Hail the Titans. fig.

Three years ago today, an instrumental ambient/prog band I was in called Hail the Titans released an EP called Fig.

There is a translucent coke-bottle green vinyl edition still available at the Record Stop in Montgomery, AL. It’s pressed at 45rpm with one song on each side. (Note: if you purchase the vinyl edition, the download code inside will work, but use this URL instead: click here.)

Anyway, if you haven’t heard it, it’s on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc. (along with the previous release Hymns of Mare Nostrum.)

‘The Ghost and the Negro’ now online

After returning from its debut at the L.A. Film Festival, writer/director Sylvester Folks has released all three episodes of The Ghost and the Negro online.

As I wrote in my last post, Sylvester tapped me for an acting role (in episode III) and for the music heard in the end credits of each episode.

You can view them all on YouTube or below: