August 2017 Guitar Pull photos are up!

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Sometimes, there are so many things I want to say, but I question whether it’s my voice that needs to be heard. I question whether I have anything to contribute that has not already been said, probably much more eloquently or with more depth.

I try to listen more than I speak. I also try to communicate clearly and authentically. I try to write and speak from reasoned logic and kindness instead of anger.

But I’m angry. There are things in this world that I don’t understand, and quite frankly, I don’t want to understand.

It’s fucking 2017 and there are nazi pieces of shit walking in the streets with goddamn tiki torches. What. The. Fuck?! Don’t like my language? Too bad. There is a place for righteous anger and cursing for emphasis, and if stupid fucking nazis and related white supremacist assholes causing riots and using vehicles as weapons in American streets in 2017 isn’t it, then I don’t know what the fuck it might be.

I feel anger. I feel sorrow. I feel helpless.

I teared up watching the Vice News episode on this horror. (And damn, it’s hard to imagine the Vice crew having to hang out and be face-to-face with those nazi shit stains for this story…) Watch it. Look at these hateful fucks. Use it as a teaching tool to make sure the next generation doesn’t end up lost in more hateful ignorance.

I generally try to understand motives. But I don’t understand this kind of hatred, and quite honestly, I’m glad I don’t understand it. I really don’t want to understand it. I don’t want to understand that level of ignorance. I don’t want to understand that level of hatred. I don’t want to understand why someone would embrace those ideals.

I love the fact that I have friends from different races and cultures and beliefs and backgrounds. I’m happy to see love and acceptance from good people who know and embrace ideals of empathy, understanding, equality, and diversity. I want to be around good, genuine, accepting, loving people. And I want to be those things myself.

I want to see and support the agents of positive change. I want to lend my voice, as little as it might be in the grand scheme of things, to positive change, to progress, to empathy, to encouragement, to better days.

So let me be perfectly crystal clear: if you are a white supremacist of any shape or form and you happen to follow me on social media or have sneaked your way onto my “friends” list – delete me. Seriously. I don’t want that kind of bullshit in my life.

Que sera, Sarahah

Per some perusing of social media lately, the new website and app Sarahah seems to be somewhat polarizing – some people are liking it, while some people are slamming it as cowardly, urging people to say things directly to other people, instead of anonymously.

(I say “somewhat polarizing” because some of the comments under these posts are more in the “What the hell is it?” category. If you’re wondering, the word “sarahah” is Arabic, apparently, synonymous with candor, openness, frankness, honesty.)

Either way, I signed up recently, fully expecting jokes and a decent amount of hate mail. So I admit that I was surprised to get some very nice, encouraging, and heart-felt messages from people. Who are these people? Well, since the site allows anonymous messages, I have no idea.

One of the more funny/lighthearted ones:

“I’d toast your almonds you sweet cream muffin!”

And then there’s this one:

“I think you’re too good for this desperate please show me attention app…”

And there are others that are lengthier and heart-felt (and thank you to those who have posted those. I do appreciate your messages and encouragement very much.) I’m not going to post them all here or anything, and again, I have no idea who is behind these messages, but I received one I’d like to address:

“I’m in awe of your creative drive. Makes me wish I hadn’t given up.”

If the person that left this is reading this blog post, I want to say two things:

First, thank you. Second, it’s not too late to start back.

I don’t know what creative outlet you gave up on, whether music, film, painting, writing, or something else. But you can start up again. Write. Record. Play. Direct. Film. Edit. Produce. Practice. Act. Whatever it is, and whatever quantity you can give time for it – 5, 10, 30 minutes, an hour – do it.

The world can always use more art. Let that creativity start up again. Feed it. Nurture it. Grow it. And share it with us. Be encouraged.

For anyone else, if you want to tell me something anonymously, feel free: Or if you prefer to tell me things directly, use the “Contact” page on this website, or hit me up on my social media accounts. Either way, thanks for reading. Much love.

Show tonight! ‘Spiritus’ score and ‘Bad Deal’ preview

Reminder: Two shows going on tonight, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017:

  1. I’m playing with Pensacola’s own Hello Crescendo at Against the Grain. Details here.
  2. Witchchord and Pleasant Valley are playing at the Sanctuary. Details here.

Pick a show and go. Of course, I’d love for you to pick my show, but I’m friends with the folks playing the other show, so pick one and go. Just don’t stay home tonight.

As I said in my last post, one of the guys in Witchchord happens to be Mr. Shane Gillis of Foolish Henry Films. (Full disclosure: I am FHF’s PR Director.)

Anyway, FHF is a co-producer on the film Spiritus, written and directed by LC Holt, and Shane happens to be the score composer, and he recently released it on Bandcamp.

Shane also directed the recent short film Bad Deal that’s currently in post-production. Director of Photography – the man, the myth, the legend himself – Mr. Joe Walker sent a still image from the film featuring the character of “Jody” played by Mike Cunliffe. It’s already looking awesome.