November 2017 Guitar Pull photos are up!

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Happy birthday, Mom

My mom would have been 74 today. We had a tradition where I would take her out to eat – generally a Mexican restaurant – and we’d make it a party with friends and margaritas. She loved to celebrate; she’d take the whole month as hers (pretty much the opposite of me, as I tend to hide all references to mine.)


This past Sunday, we held a memorial service for her at her home church. If there was one thing she would have gotten a kick out of, it would have been the amount of us unbelievers sitting in a church on a Sunday.

The service was nice, and I think she would have loved it – the pictures, the flowers. So many memories with friends and family, followed by drinks at the bar. And she would have enjoyed both, I know.

Some of my lady friends wore red nail polish – the same kind that my Wonder Twin Hillary painted on mom’s nails just a few days before she passed. They also all picked out pins (brooches? I don’t know fashion) from her collection to wear in her honor.


The amount of love and support has been amazing, and I thank you all for that.

This is all still new to me. And I don’t even know for sure if it’s really hit me yet. But either way, I think I’m going to find a Mexican restaurant tonight and have dinner and a margarita for her.