Much love to you in the new year!


Taken Christmas Day, somewhere in Tennessee on I-65 south.

There is something I have thought about many times, especially over the past three years, but I don’t remember taking time to write it out. That requires more careful concentration and consideration, and it is not necessarily something I’ve felt a need to share previously, at least not publicly.

I have noticed a habit in which my mind seems to focus more time on friends I’ve lost instead of the wonderful friends still in my life. Maybe that’s a side effect (or cause, or trigger, or merely a correlation) of depression, but I can’t be certain.

This dwelling could be viewed in the positive light of self-reflection, especially if there are lessons to be gained. However, that dwelling can easily slip into negative ruminating, and far too often I think that’s where I end up, in a cliché-sounding but all-too-real “downward spiral.”

One of the positive lessons of the past three years has been the ability to recognize that feeling as something “else” rather than “just how I am.” That has not always been the case.

As we look at the upcoming date change on the calendar as a hopeful symbol of new beginnings, I hope to be able to shift my thinking.

The people who have been there for me in some of the toughest times of my life deserve that space in my mind. It’s not to forget the lessons of the past, but rather to cherish the present and the people who enrich my life by being trustworthy, kind, and loyal, even when I don’t feel deserving of any of it.

And to those people, thank you.

May your 2018 be filled with love and success. Thanks for reading. Happy new year!


‘Happy Wife’ / White Christmas


No, I didn’t run off to Vegas and get married for Christmas. “Happy Wife” is the title of a new short film by writer/director Jack Goody. It’s the short film I mentioned a few days ago that we filmed the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, the trailer has been posted to social media if you’d like to see it:

Also on Instagram.

And on Christmas Eve, Blue Yonder released their live video for “White Christmas.” A Terrible Master Films production directed by me. Royce Williams helped out with cameras and lighting, and Robert Shimp of Technical Earth Recorders handled audio.

I think that’s all for now. So, best wishes to you in the new year!

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Christmas 2017. #findthebeautyintheworld

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December 2017 Guitar Pull photos are up!

…on the Facebook page.

Happy holidays!

It’s been a little while since my last update, so I want to start off wishing you happy holidays!

As for me, since my last update, I’ve been trying to stay busy.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I stepped back in front of the camera in a short film production written and directed by Jack Goody. I shared camera time with Mallory Ivy (a Spiritus alum) and worked with makeup artist Tara Galloway Merryman. I’ll share more on that once it’s ready.


From the set of that Jack Goody horror short.

After that, I got to catch “Little Women” at the Cloverdale Playhouse thanks to my friend C. DeWayne Cunningham. And speaking of the Playhouse, tomorrow night is the monthly Guitar Pull, which is the event that sparked my upcoming documentary Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull.

After that, I handled audio for a short that DeWayne was directing and shooting for our friend Lee Khole. She and C. Stephen Browder were the actors in that one.

I got together with Royce Williams after that to work on a fake ad we hope will be in the Montgomery Film Festival intermission next month. We did one last year for it – the language is… uh… NSFW, although we did bleep it all out. Click here to see it.

And Royce and I worked together on a project this past weekend for Blue Yonder. He and I filmed while Robert Shimp (Technical Earth Recorders) handled audio. That’s a new Terrible Master Films production that’s currently in the editing stages.

I think that’s about everything… and of course, once these projects are ready to be seen, I’ll post updates.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!