Barrens and I made the news!

The next Barrens show is Oct. 20 at Bomber’s Pub in Montgomery, AL, and the Montgomery Advertiser ran a feature on us today that includes a live performance of the song “All Those Lights” and some photos.

Read it here.


Photo by Shannon Heupel, Montgomery Advertiser

They also include a section on me as a solo artist, adding in a live performance of my song “This Barren Land” (and since I have been asked before, no, neither the song nor lyrics are about the band.)

Fun fact: I had a sinus infection and had lost my voice the week leading up to that recording, but the show must go on, right?

Anyway, my next solo performances are scheduled for the Huntsville/Madison area on Oct. 26 and 27:

Oct. 26 at Wish You Were Beer (at Campus 805 in Huntsville)
Oct. 27 at Rocket City Craft Beer (in Madison)

Both of those shows allow me to share the stage with my friend Mike Slaten (of Tres Locos, Duos Locos, and Forest Haven.)

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Thanks for reading. Much love.


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