‘This Barren Land’ single coming soon!

So… here’s the thing: I’ve been slowwwwwwly working on a new solo album, and it is taking forever. And since the beginning of working on these ten songs, I’ve written a new one, and I’m thinking of re-working or changing some other ones… and, well, it’s taking forever.

Part of that delay is just scheduling time to record. I’ve been involved in a number of film projects this year, including a documentary that’s in the early editing stages. I’m also the drummer for Barrens, and we’ve been writing and plan to record soon. And of course there’s also general… life… stuff.

With all of that being said, I’ve decided to release the one song that is complete as a single, and I wanted to release something before 2018 completely gets away from me.

So on Tuesday, December 18, the new song “This Barren Land” will be available from all major digital retail stores – Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc. Here’s the artwork:


The nature photo included in the cover art was taken by Gloria Aitken. Check out her art page here. She’s got an Etsy store as well with lots of great items for sale.

Be sure to follow this blog for updates, and hey, let’s keep in touch on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Thanks for reading!


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