Six years to the day


Facebook memories reminded me that six years ago today, I performed at the Cloverdale Playhouse for the first time as part of the Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull. Yep, Nov. 19, 2013.

(Related – it happens to be the third Tuesday, and there is a ‘Pull’ tonight. You should go.)

I think that was the first time I ever stepped foot into the Playhouse, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog or follow me on social media, you know it wasn’t the last.

I never thought six years ago that this event would be the subject of my first feature-length film as director. I never would have thought that I’d have created so many memories, taken so many photos, helped film promo videos for productions.

I’m reminded of what Mike Winkelman said in Commit to the Song, “One of the things I love about this place is everybody’s welcome.”

Props to the staff, volunteers, and donors that keep that community theater going. It’s a great thing to have in Montgomery. Keep up the good work.

See y’all tonight!

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