Zombies? A hair salon?

Back in 2018, I wrote and directed an ad for Seville: The Basement Cuts, a hair salon in Montgomery, AL. They let me get a bit experimental with it, so now that they have a new location and are now known as Seville at Hilltop, we took it a step further… and added zombies.

See the journey from the Basement to the Hilltop:

A Terrible Master Films production
In associaton with Early Riser Films.

1st Assistant Director / Production Sound Mixer: Jeff McKinney
Makeup Artist: Amanda Brown
Production Assistant: Corey Miles

“Seville @ Hilltop” by Tequila Nylon
Score: Glorious 70mm

Jacob Lee
Alex Rikerd

Megan McCulley
Sophia McCulley
Corey Miles
Olivia Varner

DOOR MAN: Chris Eckels

Jen Powell
Malerie Bussell
Jessica Toole

Jessica Bussell
Chris Eckels
Lucy Eckels
Jen Hoots
Nicole Johnston
Lydia Mann
Kelly Murphy

Alaina Doten
Todd Souvignier

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