Part 2 of the Towering Above music video trilogy is out!

On July 15, Towering Above released the first single and music video for our upcoming album The Bleak, and today, part 2 of the trilogy dropped!

Check out the continuation of the story and the song “How To Abandon Ship”! (If you haven’t seen part 1: “A Certainty,” be sure to check that out first.)

Starring: Kendrick Golsen and Jeff McKinney

Chris Eckels
Jacob Lee
Raina Scudder (Eaton)
Katie Walden
Amber Moody
C. DeWayne Cunningham
and my bandmates J. Slickwood, Clay Smith and myself.

Many thanks to the people listed above and to my 1st A.D. (also mentioned above) – C. DeWayne Cunningham of Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions – and my Director of Photography – Stephen Poff of Body Thief Films – for their incredible work on this! (This was a Terrible Master Films production.) And thanks to the Cloverdale Playhouse for helping us with such a perfect location for this!

I would have posted earlier today, but, like last time, I was on set working on a feature film called Shadow Tag, from the same folks behind Coffee With Friends. More news and stuff coming soon!

Much love!

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