The Bleak (special ‘addition’)

A month ago, Towering Above released our new album The Bleak to streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, etc.) but now there is a special “addition” of the album available on Bandcamp.

The 13-track special edition contains some demos and a different mix/version of the song “Lake City Quiet Pills.”

I’m #JustTheDrummer of course, but Towering Above guitarist J. Slickwood had this to say:

I think it’s like pulling the curtain back. When a band releases a demo you aren’t getting a clean studio product. You’re hearing this basic version of a song, the skeleton, sometimes with mistakes still intact. Instrumentals, or testing vocal melody and harmony. This was music the band recorded on their own to prep for the studio, not really for everyone to hear. So even though it’s rough, you can hear how songs progress from the band room to the studio.

We hope you’re enjoying the new album and the music video trilogy. Ooh, also, you can find some Towering Above shirts here.

Thanks for listening, reading, supporting, and everything else. Much love!

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