This week! Livestream + old songs + new songs

Hey everyone!

So, tomorrow night (Tuesday, Oct. 18), I’ll be joining four other musicians for the monthly Songwriter Stream hosted by Roomful of Sky Music out of NYC. The monthly event is presented by Victor V. Gurbo, Phil Robinson, and Jason Vitelli. Annie Stone and myself are the guest artists.

It’ll stream live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

…and… in other news…

This Saturday is Rocktoberfest, featuring Towering Above, Pleasant Valley, Spirit Guardian, Mara Nagra and a reunion by the12thHour.

I know, I know. There’s a name you haven’t heard in awhile.

So, if you didn’t know, Towering Above guitarist J. Slickwood and I were in a band in high school and college called the12thHour, so we’re getting up with our original drummer and dusting off some old songs from a couple of decades ago for this show. (This also means Slickwood and I will be pulling double duty that night – I’m on guitar for the12thHour and drums for Towering Above. He’s on guitar with both.)

The Funky Forte food truck will also be out there along with Gloria Aitken Art. It’s gon’ be fun, y’all!

OK, I think that’s all the updates for now. Thanks for reading. I hope you can tune in tomorrow to the livestream and come to the show this Saturday. I’d love to see ya!

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