‘Clover/Capri’ documentary out now!

I released my first feature film as director on Nov. 1, 2018. I chose that date because it is my mother’s birthday, and she was always very supportive of my art, so it felt fitting in a way that would honor her.

So I’m picking this date again for the same reason to release this short documentary about the Capri Theatre in Montgomery, AL.


Here’s the synopsis:

Clover/Capri details the decades-long history of an independent art house movie theater in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, weaving through racial segregation, adult films, and its fight for free speech along the way.

See the full film on YouTube:

When we were submitting to a few film festivals, I wrote up a director’s statement, so I might as well post that here:

Like many businesses in 2020, the Capri Theatre in Montgomery, AL closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. During their shutdown, the director, Martin McCaffery, continued to send out their weekly email newsletter, usually with a subject such as “The Shutdown – Week 29.” Sometimes he delved into the Capri’s history, which is where I learned of a separate entrance that was used for Black patrons during the Jim Crow era of segregation. That got me curious about other things I may not know about this historic theatre that I have enjoyed attending over the years, so I contacted Martin and put together a team to explore the history of both the Capri and some general cinema history as well. I think there is a lot more to this little movie theatre than most people realize, and I hope they find Clover/Capri as interesting to watch as it was to make.

The IMDb listing is here (please leave a review on there!)

Also, if you like the music in the film, that was done by Alex Hill (Tequila Nylon) and myself (Glorious 70mm.) It’s available on Bandcamp.

Thanks for watching, reading, listening, and for just being the loving, authentic human that you area.

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