On Community and Giving Tuesday

“Am I active enough in my community?”

That thought hit me awhile back, and I thought about it more and more for a few days, maybe weeks. It’s something that I still think about, really.

At some in the last couple of months or so I was at a coffee shop I frequent. It was evening, and a friend of mine was sitting there, laptop open, in a meeting with another person. After his meeting, I sat with him and caught up for a bit. He’s an artist, head of a nonprofit, and very active in our community.

So I brought my question up to him. I want to support many events and gatherings, but many times I have something else going on, or there may be multiple events close to the same time. There have been times where I was working on a film and the project went late. Band practice, recording, video editing, etc… Lots of things.

He looked at me and said the following: “You’re just one man.”

He reminded me that I work, I create, I get to some events, and that I still need rest on top of that. I definitely needed to hear it. But admittedly, I still feel some guilt when I have to miss something (or fall into an antisocial mood… That has happened as well. Your mental health is important, too.)

So, if there are organizations doing things and maybe you’re busy or feeling antisocial or have conflicting schedules, but you still value and appreciate the work they do, today happens to be “Giving Tuesday.” You can make a donation to help keep them going.

I made a list on Facebook and linked to some that I recommend for my area. If you’re not in my area, I’m sure there are some great organizations to support where you live.

Please check out that Facebook post and consider supporting one of them or some organization in your area that means a lot to you. (And while you’re on my Facebook page, give it a follow if you haven’t already done so.)

Thanks for reading. Much love.

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