‘The Fiction of Closure’ (live version) video

Hey! Hi! Hello! Hola! Good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever you’re seeing this!

So… late last month, I announced that I’ve got a new EP coming out March 10 called Everyone Is a Moon. Like the rest of my studio albums, I layered things in the studio – guitars, vocals, piano, etc., but my live show is just me and a guitar. So I wanted to do something different this time and release some live versions in advance of the studio versions.

The first track on Everyone Is a Moon is called “The Fiction of Closure,” and the live version is now on YouTube.

I’ll be performing at Goat Haus Biergarten in downtown Montgomery on March 10 for the EP release show. Here’s a link to the Facebook event. I hope you can make it out that night!

Also, there’s a new shirt available in my online merch store with the EP cover art on it.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, listening, watching, supporting, loving, and being the most authentic version of you that you can be. (The world needs you to be you.) Much love.

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