Upcoming show announcements!

Hey! Get those calendars out and plan to come hang out! I’d love to see ya!

May 6 at the Sanctuary (Montgomery, AL) – Towering Above, Forest Haven, The Bishop Box Test

May 18 at Kru (Montgomery, AL) – Acoustic show featuring me and Anson (from V8 Death Car and Haploid)

June 8 at Dothan DanceClub (Dothan, AL) – Acoustic show featuring me, Anson, and Nervis

More shows are in the works, so updates will be coming soon.

Many thanks to Chris Eckels for helping make stuff happen! Many thanks to Forest Haven for being awesome! Looking forward to meeting and sharing the stage with The Bishop Box Test! (I keep typing “text” instead of “test” and having to correct it. lol.) Many thanks to both Anson and Nervis for letting me join in the #sadboi acoustic fun times! Many thanks to Gloria Aitken for the incredible May 6 flier!

I probably missed someone (or a few people) in the above thank you list (I’m always paranoid about such things) but I am very grateful for the incredible friends and musicians and supporters and loving people in my sphere. For real. Much love.

Thanks for reading, listening, and being awesome!

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