Music! Food! Heat! Stuff! Things!

Exclamation points! Didn’t have a catchier title!

First off, thanks to John Parnell for including my friend Anson and me in The OBS Show, combined episode 23/24! He stopped by Kru last Thursday and captured some live music before heading back to Birmingham and capturing more live music from Disincentive, Power Sink, and Cam Girl. (Thanks, John!)

Aaaaaand, Saturday’s Hilltop Art Festival was so much fun! I got to see a bunch of people, lots of amazing art, got a couple of plants, played some #sadboi songs, listened to more music, and enjoyed some good food and drink. (Thanks to the Hilltop Howlers for making that event happen!) And that led to Sunday, when the Funky Forte food truck added a new dish to their weekend brunch menu called “The Carples.” (Today marks 90 days of switching to a vegetarian diet. So far, so good… especially with delicious options like this!)

And at some point during all of this, I managed to stop by Leroy for a beverage (and meeting) and found out they had some cocktail that has ghost pepper drops in it. So of course, I had to at least try the spicy part, right?! And I asked Jeff McKinney to document it for me as Sean Golson observes with a bewildered WTF look. (You might know Sean and Jeff as the main protagonist and antagonist in the Towering Above music video trilogy.)

Also… here’s a list of upcoming shows. Hope to see you soon!

June 2 at Shagnasty’s Grubbery and Pour House in Huntsville, AL (Towering AboveForest Haven, Jimmy Speed, and Road to Ruin)

June 8 at Dothan DanceClub in Dothan, AL w/ Anson and Nervis

June 10 at Common Bond Brewers in Montgomery, AL w/ Anson

June 20 at the Cloverdale Playhouse in Montgomery, AL w/ Lara Oshon and Stephen Bray (Guitar Pull)

July 14 at Goat Haus Biergarten in Montgomery, AL (details coming soon)

July 15 at the Alabama Jubilee in Birmingham, AL (details coming soon)

July 22 in Atlanta (details coming soon)

Thanks for being awesome! Much love to you. (Psst… subscribe to my YouTube channel, and also to the blog… thanks!)

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