03272022Mark Twain said, “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” I think authenticity can sometimes hide within the shadows of that dark side, and art helps to illuminate it, providing tiny glimpses into our true selves.

No matter the medium – music, documentary or narrative filmmaking, how I approach a character as an actor, writing or photography – I want my art to explore the authentic, honest pieces of our shared humanity.

Be authentic. Create. Find the beauty in the world.


Josh Carples is a musician, actor, filmmaker, and photographer based in Montgomery, Alabama. He is a singer-songwriter and a member of Towering Above (f.k.a Barrens.) He starred in the feature film Death to the World, directed the feature documentaries Remembering Anarcha and Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull, and was a producer and supporting actor in Spiritus. He founded Terrible Master Films and serves as director of public relations for Foolish Henry Films and managing editor for the Capital City Free Press.