Jan. 2020 Guitar Pull photos are up!

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‘Cold Case’ live

Last month, I released a live video of “The Last Time” that my friend Wes Brown filmed during my Nov. 7 performance at Gypsy Rose Music in Roswell, GA. Here is another video from that same performance for the song “Cold Case.”

That song is also from my 2010 album “The Final Scene” available from digital retailers everywhere and from Bandcamp.

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Happy 2020!

Well hey. Happy 2020. Welcome back to this here website/blog.


First things first: Thanks to Shannon Heupel and the Montgomery Advertiser (and to everyone involved) for the recent article highlighting my solo stuff, BARRENS, and Remembering Anarcha.

I woke up from a long sleep to many social media shares, likes, and words of encouragement. It was very much appreciated, and good timing for me as well.

The article features a live performance of a new song called “Carry the Wounds,” and hell… why wait? – that will be the title track of a new album I plan to release this year.

If you haven’t read the article or seen the video, check it out here.

I was going to wait a little while longer before making the album announcement, but there it is.

No release date is set yet – I’m working on album art and trying to come up with some video ideas, but of course, I’ll update you with more information at a later date. Be sure to subscribe via email to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

When I said that this article was good timing for me, well, entering 2020 was a strange course of events.

I was working as director of photography (D.P.) on a film, and I hadn’t been feeling well. Not wanting to let the cast and crew down (many of which came in from out of state) and knowing we were using my equipment, I pushed myself, despite running a fever, and on the last scene of the day on NYE, I passed out on set.

Took a little trip to the ER, took a selfie as a joke, came home and slept for hours… many hours. And I woke up to lots of tags and shares of that article. It was a nice thing to wake up to.

Thanks to my friends who made sure my vehicle and equipment were taken care of. Thanks to the friends who came up to the ER during my visit. Thanks to everyone who checked on me, asked if I needed anything, brought me soup, and just generally wished me well and expressed that they were glad I was still amongst the living.

I hope you enjoy the new song. Hopefully I’ll have some more album news coming soon.

Thanks for reading, listening, watching, reaching out, etc. Much love.

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New music: Fall of Adam ‘Forward Motion’ out now!


After Hail the Titans, Adam Davila let me hear some songs he had been working on for a solo project he was calling “Fall of Adam.” HTT had gone on hiatus, and he invited me to contribute some stuff for the project.

He wrote the songs and had begun recording them. I was a session player on it, adding some guitars, synth, and drums.

We performed the songs live at a few shows circa 2014-2015 (if I’m remembering correctly) as a two-piece band, layering/looping/building the songs as needed. It was a lot of fun.

For more on the background of the album, see the “album notes” section on CD Baby.

Anyway, Adam recorded, mixed, and mastered the album, and he released it recently on digital platforms, so check it out on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or wherever you stream music.

Hey, check it – found a couple of Instagram posts from back in those days:

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We have some talented friends #fallofadam

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‘This Barren Land’ video


One year ago today, I released the single “This Barren Land” (which is available from digital retailers and streaming platforms.)

Well, a few days ago, I got an idea and decided to try out some stuff for a video for the song, and with this being the one-year anniversary of the release, it seemed a good time to release it. It’s on my YouTube channel.

A few days prior to the release, I posted some background information about it. I talked about the slowwww recording process for what was supposed to be a new album. Update: I ended up abandoning the rest of that recording session and basically starting over. So… with that being said, I hope to make some new music announcements relatively soon, so stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, check out the “Music” page on this site for links to current and previous bands/projects/albums/EPs/singles.


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Nov. 2019 Guitar Pull photos are up!

Full gallery on my Facebook page.

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Six years to the day


Facebook memories reminded me that six years ago today, I performed at the Cloverdale Playhouse for the first time as part of the Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull. Yep, Nov. 19, 2013.

(Related – it happens to be the third Tuesday, and there is a ‘Pull’ tonight. You should go.)

I think that was the first time I ever stepped foot into the Playhouse, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog or follow me on social media, you know it wasn’t the last.

I never thought six years ago that this event would be the subject of my first feature-length film as director. I never would have thought that I’d have created so many memories, taken so many photos, helped film promo videos for productions.

I’m reminded of what Mike Winkelman said in Commit to the Song, “One of the things I love about this place is everybody’s welcome.”

Props to the staff, volunteers, and donors that keep that community theater going. It’s a great thing to have in Montgomery. Keep up the good work.

See y’all tonight!

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‘Remembering Anarcha’ original score by Glorious 70mm


Back in July, I announced the completion of my new feature documentary film Remembering Anarcha which examines the controversial history of Dr. James Marion Sims and the enslaved African women he experimented on to become known as the “father of modern gynecology.”

The film was produced by myself (Terrible Master Films,) C. DeWayne Cunningham (Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions,) and Royce Williams (803 Films.)

I also wrote and recorded some instrumental pieces for the score under my Glorious 70mm project moniker. That music is now available on Bandcamp.


Like all of the Glorious 70mm releases, I have this one set as “name your price,” even if zero. Yes, that means you can type in “$0.00” and download the music. However, if you’d like to help cover some film festival submission fees by throwing in a couple of bucks, my team and I would be grateful.

Keep up with the film’s progress on social media – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Thanks for your support!

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Authenticity = good + bad


I talk about authenticity a lot, so in order for me to be authentic and not hypocritical, I try to be open about things.

A lot has been going on recently. A friend and I have started working on a new documentary project, and this weekend I was part of the Ozone Songwriter Festival, which has been great.

I’ve gotten to hang out with friends, meet new friends, hear and perform music, and work on film stuff. Good things have been happening.

This weekend also marked two years since my mom died.

It’s still hard. It still sucks. I miss her.

For me to be authentic, I have to talk about the bad times as well as the good, and sometimes, such as in this case, they hit at the same time.

I think about loss a lot – it’s probably a side effect of depression – and social media reminds me of the friends I’ve lost, and good times that are gone.

Maybe I romanticize the past. Maybe that’s normal. I don’t know what counts as normal; I just know how I think.

I don’t really have a big overall point to this post, I suppose. Maybe it’s just a reminder that social media can be fake, along with my attempt to be real – authentic – within that realm.

Anyway, hug your loved ones, and tell your friends you love them.

Thanks for reading. Much love.