Columbia Research discusses ‘Remembering Anarcha’

Columbia Research, part of Columbia University in New York, held a discussion of Remembering Anarcha today via Zoom. The discussion included Michelle Browder and J.C. Hallman, who appear in the film, as well as Harriet Washington, author of the book Medical Apartheid.

I was able to tune in and listen to the topics being discussed, which included subjects like informed consent, judging history by modern morality, the power of art, and more. It was a great and informative discussion, and I appreciate Columbia Research for holding this event.

In the art section Michelle talked about her monument to the “Mothers of Gynecology” – Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey – which stands at her More Up Campus in Montgomery, AL. The pictures of the monument are great, but I highly encourage you to see them in person. It’s a powerful monument, and she did a wonderful job on both the art and raising awareness about this part of history. (She’s the one who brought this subject to my attention, which made me want to pursue the film.) Check out for more information on the monument and the upcoming Day of Reckoning conference.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, it’s on VOD almost everywhere. There are links on the Terrible Master Films website. There are some free (with ads) options available, but renting or purchasing helps us out more. Either way – free or paid – we hope you’ll check out the film and leave a review (Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Amazon, etc.)

Thanks for reading, watching, and supporting. More stuff coming soon!

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‘Clover/Capri’ score is out!

The short documentary Clover/Capri will make its debut on Nov. 13 at the Montgomery Film Festival in the very theatre that is the subject of the film – the Capri.

There are two songs that were composed for the film. I got to team up with my friend Alex (Tequila Nylon) to create the music for this, which is now available on the Glorious 70mm Bandcamp page.

This is the second TN+G70mm collaboration, the first being the “Transmissions” EP we released in 2015.

Be sure to like Tequila Nylon and Glorious 70mm on Facebook. We hope you enjoy the music! Thanks for listening!

Also, be sure to check out the film’s trailer:


Three Montgomery Film Festival official selections!

Hey everyone! In case you missed it, the Montgomery Film Festival made their official selections for the 2021 festival, and they announced them on Tuesday.

Three films I worked on made the cut this year, two having their debut at the festival.

Ghost 14

The new Foolish Henry Films feature Ghost 14 will make its debut at the festival.

Synopsis: When an urban explorer finds a camera in the woods, he becomes entangled in a decades-old murder that puts his own life in jeopardy.

Starring: L.C. Holt, Rebecca Ivey, Rudy Banes, Jeff McKinney, and myself.

Directed by Shane Gillis, Rick Gardner, and myself.

Coffee with Friends

Synopsis: A man’s morning coffee is interrupted by the ghost of his past.

Starring: Bernadette Chapman, Sydney Burdette Humphrey, Cera Sasser, and myself.

Directed by Jimmie and Autumn Rogers.

Produced by Eagle Road Productions and Terrible Master Films, in association with Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions and Early Riser Films.


Synopsis: Clover/Capri details the decades-long history of an independent art house movie theater in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, weaving through racial segregation, adult films, and its fight for free speech along the way.

Starring: Martin McCaffery

Directed by me.

Produced by Terrible Master Films, in association with Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions, 803 Films, and Early Riser Films.

Check out the full lineup for this year’s festival. Looks like we’re in company with some really good stuff. The fest happens Nov. 12 and 13.

American Songwriter magazine features the Electric Blue Yonder ‘Mourning Sounds’ video

Earlier this year, Johnny and Beth from Electric Blue Yonder contacted me about directing a music video utilizing the set for a play called The Quality of Life that was at the Cloverdale Playhouse in Montgomery, AL.

That video, the title track for their newly-released album Mourning Sounds, is embedded at the end of an American Songwriter article that features a song-by-song review of the album.

The video is a Terrible Master Films production, in association with Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions and Early Riser Films.

1st Assistant Director and Producer – C. DeWayne Cunningham
Gaffer and Producer – Jeff McKinney
Grip – Ahsen Bilal
Production Assistant – Anne Penrose Folkes

Special thanks to Sarah Thornton and the Cloverdale Playhouse. Additional footage provided by Irby Pace.

Glorious 70mm ‘EXT. SEASONAL IMAGERY’ out today!

Happy 2021 Autumn Equinox! The new Glorious 70mm album “EXT. SEASONAL IMAGERY” is out today!

The album contains four songs, one for each season, each over the 10-minute mark. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to create “an ambience that I thought fit the mood of each season. It contains a lot of synth, except for the song ‘Fall’ which has a guitar-based background with piano over it.” (And yes, I just quoted myself…)

Like other Glorious 70mm releases, it’s available on Bandcamp as a “pay what you want” pricing method. So if you want to throw some funds my way, thank you, and if not, you can enter “0” in the field and download it anyway.

So, I hope you enjoy it, find it relaxing, maybe zone out with it in the background or something. Maybe even do some yoga while listening, you know, since that seems to be a recent stupid issue in Alabama politics. (Sigh…)

And be sure to check out some of the previous Glorious 70mm releases as well.

Thanks for reading, listening, supporting. Much love.

‘Ghost 14’ trailer is up!

Near the end of July, I mentioned that I was helping edit a new film by Foolish Henry Films (the studio behind Death to the World, City Federal, Bad Deal, and co-producers on Spiritus.)

Well, now I can finally talk a little bit about it. Or at least share the synopsis and trailer for Ghost 14:

When an urban explorer finds a camera in the woods, he becomes entangled in a decades-old murder that puts his own life in jeopardy.

It’s a found-footage horror film directed by Shane Gillis, Rick Gardner, and myself, starring L.C. Holt (You’re Next, V/H/S 2), Rebecca Ivey (Spiritus), Rudy Banes (Death to the World), Jeff McKinney (Riding with the Rabbi), and me (from other movies and stuff.)

Film festival submissions are just now starting for this, so I’ll update as news comes in.