BARRENS ‘content obsolete’ is out now!


The debut album by BARRENS<content>obsolete – is out now on your favorite streaming platforms.

Check it out on: Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify, or YouTube.


Release show is tonight! Details here.


Music and merch news – Cyber Monday

As you are probably aware, it is “Cyber Monday,” the natural flow of consumerism that comes after “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday,” and “You’re Going to Hell Sunday.”

Today through Dec. 3, CD Baby is offering shipping for just one cent. Yes, that one penny, or one straw penny, or numerically $0.01.

So if you’ve been wanting my solo albums (or Hail the Titans first album or the Marsellus album) shipped, but didn’t want to pay more than a penny for shipping, this is your moment! (At least through Dec. 3, 11:59 PST, per the CD Baby website.) Here are some links:

Josh Carples – The Final Scene
Josh Carples – Ghost of a Town
Hail the Titans – Hymns of Mare Nostrum
Marsellus – Our Name in Lights

Of course, these are also on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, and most are also on Bandcamp as well, if you prefer digital.

Tonight – Dec. 1 – I’ll be doing an in-store acoustic performance at Bailey Brothers Music in Montgomery. I’ll play from 5:30 to 6. I’ll also have merch available for sale there.

And this Friday, Fall of Adam is playing at the Syndicate Lounge in Birmingham with Amen Corner (from Birmingham) and Press (from Asheville, NC). Details here.

…in a word… RAD!

Shed thine joyous tears, Montgomerians, for a resident in thine town has set out to bestow musical happiness upon ye in the ways of vinyl!

In other words, Montgomery, Alabama, has a record store.

It’s called “RAD!” and while the future plans are for an actual storefront, they’re starting online. But how can an online store be “local,” you ask? By offering local delivery, hence their slogan: “We bring the music to you!”

So click “Like” on their Facebook page, and check out their online store.

In other music news, the band Kill Baby… Kill! from Anniston, Ala. has released their new album, “Corridor X” on Deep Eddy Records. It’s now available on CD Baby as well.

You can also check out their first EP, “Sometimes They Come Back,” on Spotify.

And if you still haven’t seen the new video for “Loa D” by the Atlanta-based band DAMS, then what are you waiting for?!


One more thing: the first band I was ever in is a metal band called PKD. The guitarist and front man, Mike, has put a new lineup together for a reunion show this summer (which includes members from Neon Liars and Necropocalypse.) They recorded a recent rehearsal at Guitar Center Studios in Huntsville. You can hear it here.

Oh, where to begin…

The past few days have been busy, but in a good way. On Friday, “Hymns of Mare Nostrum” by Hail the Titans was officially released. It’s now on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon,, etc. (Check out the “Music Links” page on this site for more info.)

The Montgomery Advertiser’s GoPlay section posted on Tumblr about the album and the CD release show Friday. Read that here. They said some very nice things.

The show went great. We actually brought in a golden shopping cart to play during the last song. The crowd was very kind to us, and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the album. I am very glad that people are digging it as much as they are.

Saturday, we played Nophest in Atlanta. We were at 529, and this is the first time I have ever played that venue. The sound in there is great, and the crowd was very receptive and kind to us. A few people even asked us to pose for photos with them.

Tracey from Rock Science got a couple of photos during our set:

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We got to play with Mice in Cars again – a great band with super nice people. If you haven’t heard them, do yourself a favor and check out their “Burn the Reader” EP on their Bandcamp page.

We played after Mice in Cars, then Fish Hawk played after us. They had a lot of energy. I missed part of their set because we were loading, and then I walked up to East Side Lounge to catch the tail end of R_Garcia‘s solo set. I saw Graham and Josh from Jungol while there. They performed a Dark Room set during the same time slot we were playing.

I went back to 529 and caught part of Scarab’s set. Good stuff. The guitarist appeared to have an iPod wired into his guitar. It looked like he had a Moog app on it. Very interesting stuff.

During the night, I had more than one person tell me about Nigredo. Some said we would go very well with them musically. Well… they were right. Along with being super nice guys, they were amazing. I thought we set up a lot of equipment. I was wrong. Our pedal boards were dwarfed by comparison. These guys had kind of a Russian Circles vibe to their stuff… and if you didn’t catch the word “amazing” already… well… that’s an accurate description.

Nophest was like a musical family reunion. Along with running into members of Jungol, Randy from Nophi/Swank Sinatra, Tracey from Rock Science and playing with Mice in Cars again, we ran into other members of Swank Sinatra, Gun Party, Capillaries, Billy from Ricer, Amelia (who wrote in Performer Magazine about the Drunken Unicorn show we played back in June) and others. We even spotted one of the guitarists from Maserati at one point.

I think the only non-positive thing about the weekend was that The Appleseed Cast was in Atlanta on Saturday, too… and I didn’t get to see them. Hopefully, they will tour this way again soon.

Anyway, it was a great weekend, and we appreciate all of you who made it great by sharing it with us!

New Music Video!

On December 20, I posted about the filming of a music video to the song “Ocean” from my latest solo album “The Final Scene.” (Click that ‘December 20’ link for the background story on the filming.)

This morning, Ross (director, videographer, editor) posted the finished product on Facebook. Again, thanks to everyone who made this happen – Ross, James, Landon, Jeremy, Gloria and Gloria’s mom.

Here is the video for “Ocean”:

If you’re interested in purchasing “The Final Scene,” it is available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or directly from me at

I hope you enjoy it!

A new review of “The Final Scene”

Orlando, Fla. resident and professional BMX rider Tom Haugen has many career highlights. He has won many medals from his participation in the X-Games, International X-Games, Gravity Games, ESPN X-Trials, Vans Triple Crown, Dew Tour, etc.

He also loves music and writes reviews on his blog at

Tom took the time to write a review of my latest solo album “The Final Scene.” Click here to read the entire review.

Here are some excerpts from the review:

“Carples succeeds in birthing memorable folk/pop acoustic songs with eloquent and sometimes introspective wordplay, finding that elusive spark that songwriting greats like Chuck Ragan or Kevin Devine have turned into a highly refined art form, the ability to captivate and inspire with just a single song.

“…Carples is clearly in a league with today’s most noted singer songwriters…”

If you’re looking for a copy of “The Final Scene,” physical copies can be found in Montgomery, Ala. at Organic Hippie in the Vaughn Plaza shopping center or online from CD Baby.

Downloads are available from CD Baby, iTunes,, or many other online retailers.

Now available on Amazon and iTunes (and beer)

“The Final Scene” is now available on Amazon and iTunes!

It’s also available at CD Baby and at

Please tell your friends, and most of the online retailers have a review section, so you can tell the world if you like it, hate it, listen to it everyday or use it as a coaster. I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

In other news, thanks to my friend Lee, I have now had the opportunity to try four brews from the Olde Towne Brewing Company in Huntsville, Ala. and I must say that I am impressed. The “amber” has a taste that I’m just not used to, but their pale ale is one of the best (maybe even “the” best) that I’ve had. Their pilsner and hefeweizen are both really good as well. I wish they had distribution in the Montgomery area. (We still need to get Fat Tire here, too.)

“The Final Scene” now available!

Today’s release of “The Final Scene” has been in the works for some time now.

I finished recording early this year, and then with the help of Gloria Aitken (wife of Easy Kiddo guitarist Jeremy Aitken) was able to get the photos needed for the album artwork. (Thanks, Gloria!)

Then, it took awhile to get everything ready – album art, songs registered, CD proof, CD’s, etc. But I’m glad to finally be able to let you hear the whole thing.

Tonight is the album release show. I’ll be performing at Head on the Door in Montgomery, Ala. tonight. The venue is 21 and up, no cover, and the show starts at 10 p.m.

If you can’t make the show, don’t want to wait or just prefer digital format, you can purchase the album online at You can choose your format there – 320k mp3, FLAC or just about any other format you want. The entire album can be streamed there, too, so you can hear the whole thing rather than just 30-second clips.

Soon, the album will be on CD Baby, as well as iTunes, Amazon, etc. I’ll post updates as I find out.

I hope you enjoy the music!