NoiseTrade_250My third solo album, titled Ghost of a Town, will be released on Thursday, Oct. 10.

As of today, however, you can download the title track as part of an EP only available through NoiseTrade. Along with the title track, the Ghost.Ocean.Sirens EP features the song “Ocean” from 2010’s The Final Scene and “Sirens and Street Lights” from 2008’s Note from the Georgian Hotel. The EP also includes live versions of each of those songs.

The EP is free. FREE! Free? Yes! Free! NoiseTrade has an option to “tip” the artist, but it’s not a requirement, so download the EP, and if you like it, please share the NoiseTrade link with your friends and on your social media sites. (And if you do decide to use the “tip” option, thank you in advance!)

Click here to download the Ghost.Ocean.Sirens EP from NoiseTrade.

(Thanks to Lindsay Garrett for the EP cover photo.)

Ghost of a Town


The full 8-song Ghost of a Town album will be available on CD through RAD! Vinyl or digitally through my Bandcamp page, iTunes, Amazon and most online retailers on Oct. 10.

As soon as a few final details are confirmed, I’ll announce some live show dates, including a release show on Oct. 10 and a few shows from Oct. 11 through the 17th.

In the meantime, below is the track listing for the album:

1. Far Away Sands
2. Painted Disasters
3. The Sharpest Teeth
4. Ghost of a Town
5. The Waters Won
6. As Caution Hit the Wind
7. Beauty in Farewell
8. There’s a Fear


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