A re-release, of sorts, to end the year

I know my last post read “I don’t know if I’ll have another post to share before the new year or not,” but surprise! Here’s another!

Back in 2013, a month before the release of my third solo album Ghost of a Town, I released a little EP to help promote it titled Ghost​.​Ocean​.​Sirens. It was available exclusively on a website called NoiseTrade, but at some point it seems they were bought out by Paste Magazine, and I guess they deleted everything by little unknown artists like myself [shrug emoji vibes].

So… I was able to locate the cover art (at the appropriate size, that is) and the live tracks in .wav form and have uploaded them to Bandcamp.

So here they are for your listening enjoyment (or non-enjoyment since my songs are sad and all…) 🙂

With that being said, thank you for reading, listening, supporting, and just being the all-around magical, loving person that you undoubtedly are. I hope you have a wonderful day and a happy new year! Much love.

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